Ask, Don’t Tell: Bringing Clean Language to Business, Aug 13-14 2015

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This workshop will introduce you to Clean Language – a powerful and effective way to communicate which gets to the heart of practically any issue.

Clean Language was originally developed to help clients to resolve deep trauma. But today many of the sharpest people in the world have realized it can help them solve complex problems.

A wide range of professionals, including managers, auditors, computer scientists, sales promoters, market researchers, coaches, educators, health professionals and many others are using Clean Language because it helps them to empower people rather than tell them what to do.

Clean Language is free (i.e. “clean”) of one’s own assumptions, interpretations and judgments. So it reduces the risk of wasteful projections.

By asking Clean questions you carefully explore the metaphors that underpin a person’s thinking. And in doing so you can help them change their lives in a way that intrinsically respects each individual’s uniqueness and supports their own empowerment.

About the Workshop

From the start of this two-day workshop, you can expect a hands-on experience of the power of Clean Language.

You will also…

  • Discover what Clean Language is and how it is originated.
  • Learn the most useful Clean Language questions and begin using them straight away.
  • Find out how to listen exquisitely with an open and neutral curiosity.
  • Uncover ways you can work exclusively using only the information that comes from your client.
  • Experience how you can use Clean Language questions for gaining clarity in information and develop deep connections with others.

Workshop Goals

At the end of this workshop you will know what Clean Language is, where it comes from, and how it is being used today.

You will know how Clean Language can be used as a neutral tool — on its own or combined with many other methods you may find useful.

You will have the ability to ask the 5 most used Clean Questions, experience these Clean Questions in action, and discover how that makes a difference in another person’s ability to think well and deeply.

Your Trainer, Sharon Small

Sharon-Small-Clean-TrainerBorn in Den Haag in 1962, Sharon is an internationally recognized Clean Language trainer and assessor. With over 13 years of experience working in the nuclear industry, a degree in psychology and background in NLP, Sharon brings a broad set of skills and experiences to her training rooms. She also provides individual consultancy work and supervision for coaches and therapists.

For ten years, Sharon has traveled the world to bring some of the most innovative change and investigative work to the coaching and management fields. She has trained coaches, auditors, cause analysts, operations & CEO level managers from Pacific Gas & Electric, Siemens, Ennovation (Japan), and Boeing in the UK, Japan and the US.

Sharon is a vibrant and engaging trainer with an amazing amount of energy. She has a unique gift for conveying the “how to” of Clean Language in an accessible and friendly way, bringing humor, insightfulness and new skills into the field of coaching, management communication and investigative interviewing.

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