Going PRO: Mastering the Problem, Remedy, Outcome Model

Who This Course is for

Prerequisite: You must have attended the 3-day course: “A More Beautiful Question – Identifying Resources”, or equivalent from a different trainer.

You have learned the basic clean questions, syntax and modeling your client’s internal experience, and now you would like to go on to working with a robust model for change, helping your clients get more of what they want.


Have you ever had a difficult client that seems to be resistant to the very thing they say they want?

Found yourself frustrated because you would like to be of service and your suggestions or advice doesn’t seem to land or be acted on by your client?

Needed to support change in your client or organization and not really known what steps to take next?

What if …

You could help your clients create sustainable change without influencing or advising?

You had a model for change you could use at home, at work and in the therapy room?

You could find out what your clients and team members want helping them work towards that using their own language for change

Instead of being fooled by remedies and short term change solutions, you can learn how to create entire landscapes of desired change from your client’s own words creating conditions for sustainable change.

Workshop Format

This is the second of three modules designed to take you from novice to clean facilitator and prepare you for certification.

Join trainer and internationally recognized Clean Language Assessor Sharon Small for this 3-day small group workshop, limited to 30 attendees.

For each learning module, you’ll hear about the objective being taught, see a demonstration of the technique or skill, and work in small groups using the technique or skill. In small groups, you’ll have the opportunity to be observer, client, and therapist. This format allows you to take away new learnings quickly and use them right away in your own work and personal life.

Because you work with real life examples, you gain personal insight and behavioral flexibility that extends beyond class time.

Course Content

You will learn:

  • How to distinguish, from the clients own language, what they are paying attention to within the Problem, Remedy, Outcome (PRO) Model designed to find out what your client would really like to have happen.
  • How to respond to P.R.O statements using a clean Framework for Change, continually guiding their attention towards what they want.
  • How to Create conditions for sustainable change
  • How to develop a clients desired outcome working towards what they want
  • How to create a metaphor landscape and work flexibly as change happens live right in front of you
  • How to harness the power of neuroplasticity within a systemic/reflective model of growth
  • How to clarify what a client needs to successfully achieve the changes they want

As a participant in this class you will:

  • Begin your own journey of change, beginning to create more of what you want
  • Deepen your understanding of how the structure of desire works in yourself and other people
  • Work with patterns of change that allow you to find out more ..
  • Deepen your understanding of the modeling process and how self modeling invites a client and yourself towards change

My PRO thinking

Going Pro: Changing for good

This is the second of three modules designed to teach you the core skills of SyM as designed by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.

This is the real meat and potatoes of the Symbolic Modeling process – where the rubber meets the road so to speak. It is in this module that the participants learn to sustain a SyM session for 40 to 60 minutes, work through the Framework of Change, begin to really see how metaphors are translations of our experience and the deep embodied nature of this process. It is about working with light trance induction and relaxation through voice, tempo and tone, refining their listening skills and becoming more comfortable with not knowing. (super important aspect of this process).

This is also the event where most participants have a significant change of their own and the power of the process begins to show itself through their own work .. helping them believe that others too can experience the same kinds of profound understandings and change. I like to say they all come Missouri -the show me state :). This knowing from their own experience and the confidence they begin to gain in this program is vitally important. In clean processes I often coach “Affect is not necessary correlate with effect” You simply can not tell by a clients responses the depth and veracity of change that may be happening for them. It is not uncommon for the smallest shift to create dramatic change and an out burst of crying or joy to simply be a marker of recognition.

Many people don’t know what they want and when they do they often do not know what needs to happen for them to achieve that. Working with the PRO model, Framework for Change and a clients own metaphors allows the conditions of change to occur organically. This model gets to the heart of a persons desires and creates systemic change often positivily effecting many areas of a clients life just in one session.

The reflective nature of this model allows the client to self model how it is now for them and how they would like it to be, giving them accurate internal models (a road map so to speak) they can draw from to create the life they want.

It begins to give them a new language for change creating more control over what is undesirable in their lives and making different choices bases on an internal compass rather than outside influences.

This is an iterative model, a spiral of sorts, that gets to the heart of a person’s desires, with each change building on what has come before.

As a clients metaphor landscape changes their belief patterns change a result, making possibility happen.

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