Symbolic Modeling Lite

Symbolic Modeling Lite

Next US Courses: January 5-7, 2018
Venue: Central California
Next European Course:
Coming in March 2018 – Germany
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Join clean language trainer Sharon Small for this 3-day introduction to Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling.

You will discover the 12 core questions used in Clean Language and how you can apply this simple but radical method to boost communication, understanding, and success!

You will come away with tools you can use right away to gain personal and professional clarity.

This class is a standalone introduction and overview the the entire Symbolic Modeling methodology as well as a preparation for continuation in the Clean Facilitator Program and the advanced workshop facilitated by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley, Jan 2017 (see below).

Who should take this class?

Are you a …

  • Coach, therapist or holistic practitioner?
  • Leader, manager or supervisor in business?
  • Teacher, parent or someone who works with children?
  • Or simply interested in improving your ability to communicate well?

Symbolic Modeling is an extremely powerful and flexible form of facilitation, making it a great tool for anyone who would like to work and to communicate more effectively with others.

You will find it helps you to understand easily and clearly what other people really want – and to help them achieve that!

There is no prerequisite for this class, although this class can be used as a prerequisite for attendance in Metaphors: A Clean Pathway to the Wisdom in the System with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley (also part of this series, see details below).

What will we be learning and doing?

This is an informal class designed to familiarize you with the work of David Grove’s Clean Language and it’s use with client generated metaphor. We will be looking at the structure of the Symbolic Modeling process, including the Problem-Remedy- Outcome model.

With this information in hand, you can begin working with others to develop their metaphor landscape and move towards their desired outcome.

This entry-level workshop will enble new learners to (metaphorically speaking) “get your feet wet,” “give you a taste” of what this work is like, and “come away with” ideas for how you might apply what you’ll learn in your own work.

And the entire event will be a great refresher for those already familiar with Clean Language principles and Symbolic Modeling technology.

How will the training work?

Join trainer and internationally recognized Clean Language Assessor Sharon Small for this 3-day small group workshop, limited to no more than 15 attendees.

The size of the group is to allow for a high touch environment with time for developmental feedback towards your learning, exercises and application with others and self reflection.

For each section you will hear about the objective being taught, see a demonstration of the technique or skill, and work in small groups applying the technique or skill to yourself and others. In these small groups, you’ll have the opportunity to be observer, client, and Facilitator – giving you multiple perspectives. This format allows you to take away new learnings quickly and use them right away in your own work and personal life.

Because you work with real life examples, you gain personal insight and behavioral flexibility that extends beyond class time. What do people do after taking this class?

Takeaways include…

  • Powerful questions you can use in day-to-day life to gain greater clarity and understanding in practically any situation.
  • The structure of Symbolic Modeling and how it can be used to walk through the frame work of change creating greater client results and satisfaction.
  • An introduction to the P.R.O. model and how you can begin to use it everyday in your life and work to to help you and your clients create and work towards desired outcomes
  • Understanding why metaphor matters and how to recognize the ones that mean the most to your client.
  • Plus, you’ll discover whether Clean Language is something you may wish to go on to master and make central to your business, coaching, or therapy work.

About the Trainer

Sharon Small is a clean language trainer and internationally recognized assessor leading the Clean Facilitator Level 1 certification.

Sharon is a vibrant trainer and skillful facilitator who has led numerous training courses in the United States and Japan. She is the author of “The End of Therapy” and co-author of “Who is Using Clean Language Anyway?”

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