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Choose The Course(s)

Find the courses that will best meet your needs and follow the prompts for purchase. All the details of how, where, and when will be revealed.

Attend The Worksops

Attend the workshops. What more can we say…if you aren’t here for the workshop (in person or online) then how will you (or your clients) benefit from all the Clean-ness?


Shout it out!

When you’ve completed the course and workshops and experienced the power of Clean, shout it out to your colleagues, friends, and family. It’d be a shame to keep it to yourself.




Complimentary Webinars

We offer two different one-hour webinars for your exploration as well as two different times to attend depending on where you are in the world.

Symbolic Modeling Lite

Symbolic Modeling Lite is our foundational workshop – an easy introduction to the realm of Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling.
This is offered F2F and Online

Clean Interviewing Lite

This 6-hour (3 part) introduction uses real interviews and your field of expertise as its framework for Clean questions and their use in the interview process.


Symbolic Modeling Mini Sessions

A bite-sized facilitation service modeled from ousignature Annual Self-Modeling Retreat that yields stunning results for what you would like to have happen.

Self-Modeling Summer Retreat

Three days of “just what the doctor ordered” to rejuvenate your mind and body. It’s time to get real with your Self and enjoy the scenery while you do so.

Clean Intensive with Sharon

Ninety minutes with a world renowned Clean Facilitator for a unique approach to what you would like to have happen in life, in love, in business – yeah…it’s that good!


Clean Convergence 2019

Our annual January conference in sunny California for everything Clean including Symbolic Modeling Lite, Enhancing & Integrating Clean, Self-Modeling Retreat, and Clean Interviewing.

Clean Language Interviewing

Don’t know what this means? Join us for this two day intensive workshop designed for interviewers, researchers, cause analysts, and HR professionals to achieve more authentic information.

Get Certified

The Symbolic Modeling Solution is a unique year long course designed to give you a steady path to a highly practical Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling skill set. Next program begins January 2019


Clean Language at HPRCT

HPRCT brings together a variety of practitioners and thought leaders to share best practices, reach across disciplines, and add to the human & organizational performance body of knowledge. See Sharon there.

Clean Language Interviewing

Learn how to understand the (not so) secret language of others.  Join us for this two-day intensive workshop designed for researchers, interviewers, cause analysts, and HR professionals. 

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