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David Grove, the innovator of Clean Questions, worked in a frame of generosity. You will never need to send your name or email address to us to take advantage of complimentary resources within this site. And if you would like to receive news and updates from the Clean Language Institute you may subscribe to our newsletter below.

There is a lot of content here at The Clean Language Institute and you won’t want to miss any of it. This START HERE page will help you navigate what we have available to turn your communication skills from ho-hum to hot damn!!

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Who Is Using Clean Language, Anyway?

A compliation of interviews of people around the world using Clean Language in their work.

This is a book of interview answers by people using clean language in their work and personal lives, how they came across clean language, and how it has changed their lives. This book will begin to give you a flavor of the breadth of its impact – from equine therapists, to small IT shops, to music teachers, to ISO 9000 auditors, and much much more.

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We have compiled several resources to help you use Clean in different and creative ways whether you are new to Clean or just beginning.

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Sharon personally records musings, interviews, and other good stuff on CLEAN LANGUAGE for your listening pleasure.

Whether it is a 5 minute musing or an hour long interview there is great information on how you can begin to apply clean questions and principles to your work and life.

These are a great introduction to Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling for both the newly interested and advanced Clean user.

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