Sharon Explicitly Unedited

Interview with Simon Coles

Simon Coles is the founder of AmphoraResearch.com. He is the real deal and has put great time and effort in bringing Clean Language questions and principles to his business. Listen and find out more about how he has used Clean in sales and team development.

Clean Language Interviewing in 2018 with James Lawley

James Lawley shares how Clean Language Interviewing has grown over the past few years and is taking hold in academics and business.

It was all over an Oreo

I remember the look on my daughters face. She had just come to me “Mom, if you twist the cookies just like this, she carefully twisted the two flat cookies that sandwiched the frosting in-between in opposite directions, you can eat the middle!”  That’s when I did...
Hipsters Got It Going On!

Hipsters Got It Going On!

It's like a revival. Read or listen - as you please. I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and what seems to be major move towards doing everything online and, ya know…I’m not sure about the on-line-ness of the future. When I was a kid reading sci-fi and as I...

Clean Coaching is Green Coaching

Clean Coaching is Green Coaching

I was in a small health food co-op the other day and on my way out I saw a local green directory titled Solstice. I looked at the book, paused, walked out the door, then turned around walking back in and grabbing a copy for myself. What happened as I walked out the...