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Put Your Pants on Last (and other small tweaks to make working at home work for you)

A few quick and dirty tricks to showing up at your best online Recently, I have been receiving emails about working from home, mostly from people who have been working from home for a while. I am included in this lot. What I have not gotten from these emails are some...

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley on Questions, Quests, and advanced Clean Facilitator training happening January 2022

Ready To Come Clean? · Penny Tompkins & James Lawley on Clean Convergence 2022 SUMMARY KEYWORDS modeling, clean, symbolic, client, learning, quest, model, convergence, training, developmental, working, penny, modelers, question, james, experts, moment, language,...

Clean Language Un-conference: Metaphorum 2021

Thank you for being here and your interest in the upcoming Metaphorum 2021. Metaphorum is an unconference created by Judy Rees as a way of supporting the blossoming Clean Community and providing a shared space for any and all of us to discuss, learn, connect, and...
On Symbolic Modeling Lite

On Symbolic Modeling Lite

This is a transcript for a 19-minute video chat with Penny Tompkins & James Lawley on August 28, 2017, about Penny & James original three-day training format “Symbolic Modeling Lite”. This is the same training I, Sharon, will be presenting January 7-9, 2019 in...

Clean Language Meets the 5 Second Rule

Clean Language Meets the 5 Second Rule

I’ve been cleaning out my shed. 

It’s at the very back of our property and holds books, treasures, and lots of junk. You know how it goes…ten years in the same place. For me small, and not so small, things accumulate and I do the ole “I’ll get around to it…one day” routine.

Here it was – a beautiful day for working outside and I was procrastinating.