Our 4-hour Introduction to Clean Language Interviewing

For anyone who gathers information from others

Don’t let your “expertise” get in your way

“Because asking questions is so common, interviewers can be lulled into believing interviewing is unproblematic and requires little specialist knowledge.”

Paul Tosey, PhD (National Teaching Fellow and former Head of PhD Programmes for Surrey Business School)

Are you a…

  • Cause Analyst,
  • Auditor
  • Corrective Actions Specialist
  • Manager
  • HR Professional
  • Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Post Graduate Student?

Join us as we investigate the usefulness and principles of Clean Language Interviewing (CLI).

This introduction to Clean Language Interviewing will use real interview histories and your field of expertise as its framework for learning more about clean questions and their use in the interview process.


Determine The Need

You know you want to excel at your job. You know your skill-set could be improved. You want something that will truly set you apart, be useful to your clients, and ultimately make you better at what you do.

Attend The Online Course

Spend four hours on a Saturday morning learning the basics of a methodology that will greatly enhance your interviewing skills and increase your ability to elicit authentic information in all areas of life and work.

Practice What You Learned

This methodology is simple. Being simple doesn’t necessarily make it easy. The best way to hone your skills is to actually use them. Practice with real people. It will payoff “in real life” to use the questions when ever you can.


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Who is this training for?

This introduction is for anyone who uses questions in their life or business to help them gather information from others.

Are you a….

  • Small business owner?
  • Cause Analyst?
  • Corporate Auditor?
  • Human Resource professional?
  • Academic Researcher?
  • Manager or part of Corporate Leadership?
  • Professional Recruiter?
  • Are you just curious about other people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this training would be perfect for you.

What is covered in this program?

This is an introductory workshop incorporating some learning about Clean Language, clean questions, and the use of metaphor in our normal speaking patterns and how this knowledge can positively effect your interview processes.

We will cover the basic clean language questions, the principles underlying clean methodologies, and the fundamentals of what distinguishes Clean Language Interviewing from other interviewing processes.

We will investigate the linguistic aspects of Clean Language and how paying attention to both what is said and your responses can reduce unintended contamination or influence on the answers you are receiving.

Much of what we do during the 6 hours will be determined by the group and what information you would like and find the most valuable.


What are the basics?

Some basics that will be covered:


  • What is Clean Language?
  • What constitutes a Clean question?
  • What is Clean Interviewing (CLI) and how is it related to Clean Language?
  • What kind of validation process is being used with this style of interviewing?


  • Where does it come from?
  • Where is it being used?


  • How is Clean Interviewing different to other interview processes?
  • I already keep my stuff out, why would I want to be ‘clean’?
  • How can I use clean questions with my current interview practices?
  • How can I apply what I have learned here?


  • When can I use clean questions?
  • When is it not appropriate to use clean questions?
  • When I do use this way of asking questions, what can I expect?


We will leave the Why? up to you. You, after all, are the expert at your job, position, and role.

With what you learn over the course of our time together we will investigate your answers to why you might choose to use this particular methodology of questioning in your business, role, or context.

How will this help me?

in my work –

  • gain greater clarity with co-workers
  • become a more accurate listener
  • ask questions that are in the logic of the speakers perception and understanding

in my business –

  • have more advantageous interviews of employees
  • create more useful solutions for personal and team outcomes
  • gain authentic information that leads to more resourceful solutions

in my research –

  • better model what your are researching
  • gather accurate and authentic data for validated research
  • monitor your research methods for researcher influence
Why Clean Language Institute and Sharon Small?

Sharon Small is one of the foremost Clean Language Interview trainers in the world and the only Clean Language Interview trainer based in the US. Sharon has been teaching clean processes and methodologies since 2008. She has worked with multi-national corporations bringing Clean Interviewing methodologies to cause evaluation, corrective actions programs, HR, Project Management and other corporate groups since 2010. She presents annually at the Human Performance Root Cause Trending conference (HPRCT) and has become one of their most popular presenters.

Your Trainer

Sharon Small is a Dutch-born, US based trainer and facilitator, trainer, and Clean Language Assessor. She is the CEO and founder of the Clean Language Institute and has been facilitating clients in Symbolic Modeling since 2006. Sharon is one of the worlds foremost authorities on the use of Clean Language in interviewing. She is a She is the author of The End of Therapy and co-editor or Who Is Using Clean Language Anyway? with Andrea Chiou. Sharon lives on the Central Coast of California – sunny all year round.

Looking for more Interviewing or advanced programs in Clean?

If you have some experience in Clean Language or Symbolic Modeling and you’re interested in our more advanced programs and certification you will want to attend all or part of our annual program Clean Convergence. Drop your name and email below and we’ll put you on our list.

As always with The Clean Language Institute, we value quality over quantity and so limit our participation.

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