Thank you for being here and your interest in the upcoming Metaphorum 2021.

Metaphorum is an unconference created by Judy Rees as a way of supporting the blossoming Clean Community and providing a shared space for any and all of us to discuss, learn, connect, and share about everything Clean and, more particularly, how you are using and learning about Clean methodologies in your work and daily life.

I wanted to say hello and share with you my hopes for Metaphorum 2021 happening on the 3rd of December.

It is my pleasure to be the new steward of Metaphorum. I chose the term steward rather than owner as this is a community-supported event and, although I might be managing the organizational bits, it is your participation, your sessions, and your generosity of spirit that kindle the creative nature of this event.

In the Spirit of Clean

In the spirit of a clean stance and (mostly) emergent event, Metaphorum 2021, I would like to introduce some underlying principles and ideas I think have bolstered Metaphorum over the years.

We encourage positive behaviors that promote social acceptance and friendship. We support others, including new participants, in bringing their ideas and expertise to light.


We want your ideas, your experience, your learnings. This is what makes us stronger as a community and reaches across the globe to keep us connected.

Bring what you know, what you are curious about, any questions you have, any learnings you have implemented, and/or experience(s) you have put into practice. Metaphorum is a place where you have the opportunity to share and shine.


Bring an eagerness to discover and learn something. Ask yourself: what can I notice, learn, share, contribute?


Enjoyment & Learning
We want you to enjoy your time and learn something new. You are welcome to move around and between sessions creating a fluid space for learning. Roam until you find just what serves you at that moment in time.


Quality Over Quantity:
Many sessions will be running in parallel. It is not about how many people come to your session, but rather who they are and the curiosity they share with you on your topic. One or two quality connections is incredibly valuable. Think small.

Whether it’s a discussion about working cleanly in healthcare, using clean questions with adolescents, developing clean coaching skills, learning about clean language and its use in sports, clean and gaming, or how clean language can boost your barista skills…there is always at least one other person that will find your topic curious if not downright geek-a-licious.

And a Couple of Ideas

Working Emergently:
Within the constraints of the medium (ie Zoom), this event is a blending of some structure and the opportunity for emergent sessions as inspiration strikes.


Starts Rather Than Finishes:
If you find an idea or learning compelling, reach out to others and continue your connection well past this one-day virtual event.

If you meet someone and you are having a great conversation, feel free to take that conversation to your own zoom portal or other online service. You can come back to Metaphorum when you are done.

Metaphorum for the future

I have participated in Metaphorum in some shape or form over the last five years and have seen it change and grow and develop in that time.

I would like to see Metaphorum continue to be a place where you can bring your creativity, your experience, your experimentations in the Clean domain and share with others through sessions, discussions, slide shows, video presentations, or however you feel lead within the technical capacity we have.

It is the community

Although there will be well-known individuals providing sessions (people like Penny Tompkins & James Lawley, Marian Way, Angela Dunbar, and Judy Rees to name just a few) the main purpose of Metaphorum is to provide multiple opportunities for those of you who might not normally have a place to share or discuss your expertise to do just that.

If you have already purchased your ticket for Metaphorum 2021, THANK YOU! It will be good to see you there and I look forward to your participation in the development of this year’s event.

Join us?

If you have not already opted in to spend the day with us, we would love to have you join us for Metaphorum 2021 this coming December 3rd. There are still about 40 places left with early bird tickets available until the 15th of October. If you are curious about this unconference you can find out more and/or register using the button below.

I feel very strongly about cultivating diversity along with solid Clean Language skills and your contributions can help develop both.

Register here: https://buytickets.at/cleanlanguageinstitute/584740

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can subscribe to future emails about Metaphorum and other clean stuff that happens throughout the year, here.