An introspective journey and a mini-vacation
all rolled in to one lovely little package.

Dates for 2020 TBA

This retreat is strictly limited to 4 individuals

YOU need some self-care

There are times in our lives when we question why things are the way they are. Things are changing or needing to change. Something is pushing you towards knowing more about yourself, what you love, how you want your life to be…personally and professionally.




YOU need a little “me time”

Your inner voice has been pushing you to take some time for yourself. You’ve been putting off taking a long weekend just for yourself. But you are ready.

Rest. Relaxation. Enjoyment.

THIS summer retreat is just what you need.

You know proper self-care is crucial to your well-being. You want more than just another weekend “away from it all” and a massage. You want to recharge, regroup, and re-evaluate. You want your “me time” to be well spent – nourishing your mind, body, and providing inspiration for your ‘what’s next’.

reflection + relaxation = reflaxation

Reflax. We’ve got your back.

Join Us For A Three Day Personal Development Retreat

on the beautiful Central Coast of California


Your Lightbulb Is Dimming

Our Self-Modeling Summer Retreat is just “what the doctor ordered” to rejuvenate your mind and body. It’s time to get real with your Self and enjoy the scenery while you do so.

Fire Up Your Neurons

Attend our retreat and help bring some spark back to your life. Gently stimulate your inner thoughts to become full-fledged metaphors to enhance and elevate your life.

Give Your Self Some Love

You know how you feel after something really great happens. You are now on your way to self-facilitating at any time you need to for life and work…and it feels good.

This Is You Before The Retreat

You’re so over this.

This is you before the retreat…

You’re so over this.


How does this retreat work?

This might be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. All you have to do is click the button below and you’re in. Yes, you’ll have to make travel plans. But we can even help you get here from the airport/train station/ship harbor. Ok…just kidding about the ship harbor. Unless you have your own ship…then we’ll work something out.

Only 6 participants may attend, allowing time for each person to develop his or her own symbolic landscape at their own pace. The unique format of the retreat includes:

  • Sharon (and possibly a co-faciliator) facilitating participants individually in short sessions.
  • In between sessions you have time to contemplate your metaphor landscapes and carry out recommended developmental assignments.
  • When available a support certified facilitator will help facilitate short sessions between meeting times with Sharon.

This retreat emphasizes two types of modeling:

  1. Everyone will be given an opportunity to discover and interact with their inner metaphor landscape and to self-model how it is organized, how it changes, and the effects that can have.
  2. You can also choose to observe Sharon facilitating, join the optional evening discussions, and model how she does what she does so elegantly.

From either perspective, you will discover more about…

  • How Clean facilitates subtle, gentle yet profound change.
  • How Clean works in areas other processes find difficult to reach.
  • How Clean allows people to develop themselves and to live in the world in a different way.
  • How Clean facilitation supports people to move past naive solutions and reveal a greater purpose.

Plus optional:

  • Observing Sharon as she facilitates others on this retreat with you.
  • Optional group discussion and Q & A about the process.
  • Opportunity to assist others in their metaphor development
When is it?

Arrive Friday August 23, 2019 from 3pm (1500). Depart Sunday August 25, 2019 5pm (1700).

Sharon will be expecting you on Friday and is available from 4pm (1600) onward. Saturday and Sunday are full days – beginning in the morning or anytime of the day when you are at your best and continuing to dinner time.

Although the official hours are 10am to 5pm (1000-1700), due to the six person max format of this event, we are we are happy to work with you individually along your best time-line and travel itinerary. Although, we highly recommend taking the morning and evening as creative rest time to let the work you have done work for you.

What to expect?

Expect a warm welcome, to meet like-minded people to connect with, to play, love, move, learn, walk, eat, stretch, dance, draw, write, sleep, relax, reflect, refresh, breathe, and celebrate. Expect to leave with a new sense of direction and new friends.

What's not included?

Transport to and from the venue is not included and lodging is not included (unless otherwise arranged beforehand).

Who should come to this retreat?

Individuals interested in experience SymbolicModeling and the transformational way this model can work in their lives.

  • Couples that would like to find a new way of creating connection and vision in their relationship.

  • Creatives seeking inspiration and connection to their creative processes and productivity.

  • Trained Clean Facilitators who would like to continue their personal development and gain a deep internal experience of the model they use with their clients.

  • Anyone who would like to create change in their lives, careers, relationships, or self-identity.

If you, as an individual or couple, would like to be facilitated in working with a problem or personal development topic under the expert guidance of Sharon in a beautiful and supportive group setting – this retreat is for you.

If you are also interested in learning about the process of Symbolic Modeling and Clean Language, this is your opportunity to watch Sharon work with a range of landscapes and issues over three days. This is an excellent way to get a sense of just how varied individuals’ landscapes are, and how they transform and evolve in unique and surprising ways.

Sharon is experienced in working with couples using Symbolic Modeling and other Clean methodologies. This is a rare opportunity to both experience Symbolic Modeling as a couple and how it can transform your relationship – as well as being a facilitator and having an opportunity to see Sharon work in this context.

What exactly can I expect when I am there?

This is a 2.5 day experiential retreat for individuals interested in gaining personal insight through Clean Language methodologies. You will have an opportunity to work with Symbolic Modeling, Clean Space, and Emergent Knowledge.

We will spend time with each person individually in 20-30 minute segments with plenty of time for a walk on the beach, a sit in the park, a good run, a nap if desired.

What will I get?
  • A chance to make change happen just the way you would like it to in your life.
  • The opportunity to work through difficult situations ways that are useful and generative.
  • Complete and exquisite attention to what you would like to have happen.
  • A suggestion – judgment free environment to explore, experiment, expand.
What should I know before I sign up?

All you really need before you come is a desire to some self-searching. It can be as deep as you like but, no matter what, it’s about self-care, self-expression, and self-modeling. And we will make sure you are supported as you find and develop your metaphors.

Prior to the retreat Sharon will send you a desired outcome form to bring with you. More will be provided at the retreat site, allowing you to update your desired outcome(s) between each session.

There is NO training or specific knowledge prerequisite for attending this retreat.

How much does it cost?

This 2 1/2 day retreat is nearly all inclusive for only $1395.

Light snacks and lunch are included. Dinners are optional (we find that most participants like to use the evening to process the day’s journey).

You will be responsible for any room fees and travel costs. And we do provide suggestions for some of the most comfortable accommodations in our lovely vacation destination area.

What do people do after attending this retreat?

After this retreat, your new metaphors will guide you to continue to explore, deepen, mature, and work with your own development. People report noticing delightful changes in their inner responses and outer behaviors.

About your facilitator

Sharon Small has been leading self modeling retreats using various Clean Language methodologies since 2008. She is one of the leading authorities on the use of self-originated metaphor for personal and professional development.

Sharon’s aim is to facilitate individuals to see the repeating patterns in their lives, to recognize how these patterns can change, and to trust in the subsequent unfolding of their spirit. Sharon is the author of The End of Therapy, co-editor of Who is Using Clean Language Anyway, and one of the worlds leading specialists on using clean questions and principles within a business setting.

She’s not really a wise old owl…but you might feel like she is when you’re at the retreat.

This is you after the retreat

(you’re like a whole different animal)

This is you after the retreat

(you’re like a whole different animal)

Have questions?

Ask here or send an email to info@cleanlanguagetraining.com

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