Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times

Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times

Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times

Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times

Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times

Resources from "Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19"

Clean Language approaches for difficult times


Thank you for participating in the
Supporting Yourself and Others in the Time of Covid-19 webinar series.

Although you may have only registered for some of the sessions, we would like to give you access to the recordings of all of the sessions. We hope that, over time, these are resourceful to you.

Session One: Recorded Wednesday 13 May
A Clean Coaching Process to Explore/Manage Fear with Angela Dunbar

Session Two: Recorded Saturday 16 May
Light at the End of the Lockdown with Judy Rees

Session Three: Recorded Wednesday 20 May
Navigating the In-between with Annemiek van Helsdingen

Session Four: Recorded Saturday 23 May
How are you feeling being? with Gina Campbell

Session Five: Recorded Wednesday 27 May
Understanding Others in the Time of COVID with James Ramirez

Session Six: Recorded Saturday 30 May
Working with constraints – when it is the way it is … with Sharon Small

Session Seven: Recorded Wednesday 3 June
I, Me, You–and ALL of Us with Penny Tompkins & James Lawley

Session Eight: Recorded Saturday 6 June
COVID-19—An Exploration In Virtual Space with Greta Irving

Now you can listen to one, some, or all the sessions at your leisure!!

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Scroll down to access the resources each presenter has made available.

These sessions were completely complimentary. However, if you are in a position of generosity, we have selected these two charitable organizations that are doing great good in the world and we would appreciate your contribution to either or both of them.

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Session ONE | R E P L A Y

A Clean Coaching Process to Explore/Manage Fear

In this session, you will experience a creative Clean Language activity where you can look at and reflect on your own fears. You can be free to explore this in confidence, allowing whatever you may know about that to emerge until you discover what is on the other side of that fear. We will make use of space, as well as pen and paper, so come prepared within a space you can freely move around in and with a variety of coloured pens and paper choices. You will receive a detailed handout after the webinar which will provide you with the structure and questions to help others look at their fear in the same way.

Who Is Angela Dunbar?

Angela is a highly experienced coach and coach supervisor, an author, trainer and a Master NLP Practitioner. Accredited (and former council member) with the Association for Coaching, Angela has been developing people since 1994, has a passion for Clean Language with a special interest in confidence, creativity and communication skills. Angela is author of “Essential Life Coaching Skills”and”Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen”. Angela has been teaching ‘Clean’ techniques for coaches since 2005 through The Clean Coaching Centre.

Session TWO | R E P L A Y

Light At The End Of The Lock-down

Judy Rees leads a “speed Clean” session. You’ll use the simplest, best-known Clean Language questions in a light-touch exploration of your response to lock-down, as well as meeting and connecting with participants worldwide. No Clean Language experience is needed.

Who is Judy Rees

Judy Rees is known as the co-author of the bestselling book Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds – and as the founder/organiser of Clean’s annual live-online event, Metaphorum. Just before the Covid crisis she published Web Events That Connect, and has spent the last two months helping in-the-room event organisers, trainers and facilitators to do their thing online.

Session THREE | R E P L A Y

Navigating the In-between

No one knows where we are heading after this stage of lock-downs and social distancing. Some hope ‘normal’ will return, some see opportunities for structural change.

Others fear for their livelihoods and the socio-economic fall-out. It can be hard to navigate this liminal time, because there is not a lot to hold on to. We will tap into the magic of Holding Space and metaphor so you can find your own way of navigating.

Who is Annemiek van Helsdingen?

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the founder of The Academy for Soul-based Coaching, and has been an international teacher of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling since 2007.

Session FOUR | R E P L A Y

How Are You Feeling Being?

Gina facilitated a Clean group process using Clean Language questions to draw a metaphor map to invite mindful exploration of how you want to be when in the midst of the challenging situation we all face today. To participate, have at the ready a blank piece of paper or two and some colored markers. No need to worry about artistic talent; stick figure level drawings are fine!

Who is Gina Campbell

Gina Campbell is a certified Clean Language counselor and the author of four books on Clean. After 14 years of leading in-person trainings for helping and healing professionals, in the fall of 2019 Gina moved her trainings to a comprehensive webinar platform. Learn more on her website Mining Your Metaphors. If you are new to Clean, you might want to register for her free recorded webinar, Introduction to Clean Language to learn about the whos, whats and whys of Clean Language.

Session FIVE | R E P L A Y

Understanding Others in the Time of Covid19

With over 5.5 million confirmed Coronavirus cases, and over 345,000 fatalities in the world many of us are directly affected. More than ever how we connect with one another: family, friends and teammates is vital. In this session we are going to use Clean questions to explore how we listen to others in understanding their perspective, experiences, and insights through words and metaphors.

Who is James Ramirez?

James has been using clean language questions and principles in corporate environments since 2010 and is a certified Clean Facilitator. James has been trained in Clean Interviewing and uses Clean for conducting interviews and managing a staff whose core responsibilities are in performing Serious Injury and Fatality Root Cause Evaluations for Nuclear, Gas and Electric Transmission and Distribution organizations for over ten years.

James specializes in Clean language Interviewing and Clean Language as a resource in corporate environments. He can be contacted via email. You may set up a time to meet with him for a 30 minute consultation on how Clean Language might be useful to you and the organization you work within.

Session SIX | R E P L A Y

Working with Constraints–When it is the way it is…

Right now many of us are feeling the pinch of things outside our control. We are being asked to stay home, wear masks, practice social distancing; some have lost jobs, lost income, and even lost family members.

 When it is this way — Masks, fines, social distancing, inability to visit friends and family, risk of illness — what would you like to have happen?

 In this session we will be investigating constraints that are out of our control and how using clean questions can help us engage with our personal agency and work pro-actively and pro-socially when things are the way they are.

Who is Sharon Small?

Sharon Small is an independent researcher and internationally recognized Clean Language trainer and assessor. With over 13 years of experience working in the nuclear industry, a degree in psychology, and a background in NLP, Sharon brings a broad set of skills and experiences to her training rooms. She is the author of The End of Therapy, co-editor of Who is Using Clean Language Anyway, and is a leading authority on Clean Language methodologies and their use in the workplace. She is the founder of The Clean Language Institute.


Session SEVEN | R E P L A Y

I, Me, You–and ALL of Us

The current situation has thrown into stark relief the relationship between the individual and the collective. What I want may not be in the best interest of the larger group – and what the group wants may seriously constrain Me. In ‘normal’ times we can settle into the comfort of thinking locally, oblivious to the global. But not now.

In this workshop we will use a clean self-modelling approach to explore our relationship with ourselves and the wider system, given the situation we find ourselves in: Me as a part of the whole, and the whole in relationship to its parts.

Who are Penny Tompkins and James Lawley?

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley are world leaders in using David Groves Clean Language to reveal the intelligence contained in peoples embodied metaphors and how to model symbolically so clients discover how their system can evolve naturally.

They are co-developers of Symbolic Modeling and co-authors of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modeling. James is also a co-author of Insights in Space, the first comprehensive guide to using Clean Space. You can find more of their work here: cleanlanguage.co.uk

Session EIGHT | R E P L A Y

Covid19–An Exploration in Virtual Space!

This is a chance to explore a systemic representation of the evolving landscape of the CoViD-19 situation. This is an experimental shared activity – creating a network in our virtual space to allow emergent collective intelligence to arise.

Who is Greta Irving?

Greta Is a Therapist, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Clean Assessor. She started her Clean journey in 2003 and has incorporated Clean across her work. She trains coaches in Clean and, as a registered psychotherapist, uses Clean Language, Clean Space, and EK approaches in her therapeutic work. You can find out more at www.gretairving.co.uk

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