Hipsters Got It Going On!

Hipsters Got It Going On!

It’s like a revival.

Read or listen – as you please.

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and what seems to be major move towards doing everything online and, ya know…I’m not sure about the on-line-ness of the future.

When I was a kid reading sci-fi and as I grew older reading technological projections…what we’ve got now, is not what was promised or projected.

I think Hipsters and maker-culture are on the edge of something more than just fair-trade eco-commerce.

They are a segment of young people striving to have an experience of the world around them. Not a virtual experience, but one infused with quality over quantity and relationship over volume.

This is where you see dot com millionaires opening micro-breweries where they are the brew master, creating something amazing with their own hands.

Where MBA’s are ‘retiring out’ and opening leather shops where items are hand crafted by artisans sewing in the back area of a retail outlet in full view. A place where customers can watch bags and belts being made.

This culture is not new

…and the up-serge is mostly happening in the US where mom and pop stores have been edged out by big box shopping culture starting in the 1970s. Here we are 50 years later. Going back in time to something that simply feels better.

This is also a future (past) that I think is more in line with our neuro-biological needs as human beings.

Think hug and the spectrum from a virtual hug, to a light tripod hug, and a genuine, full armed, ready to get to know you like you belong hug.

Embodied heads aside, and keyboard life as its own thing, there is a confusion and lostness that is leading to critical mass. Insuring that we have our online persona all tooled up is not the full answer.

I struggle with online training for many reasons. Not because it is not valuable or do-able in a nice ways with technological resources at our finger tips – but that it can only go so far.

And I know there is an incongruence between my message and that it is being sent via email…then again, this is not a training.

Learning online

… is a great way to gain more knowledge, to study for conceptual learning, and to meet others with similar interests from around the world. I have even read that when studying for a test learning online has an advantage for helping one retain intellectual information.

Learning face-to-face, hand-to-hand creates relationships forged in common experience, learning deep skills developed in real time with living variables (that would be people), and conversations that only happen during meals and downtime.

You know, the musings and questions we often have after reading something, trying a new way of doing things, putting our new skills to work.

Maker culture is not about fast food, fast friends, or fast results. It is about slow food, deeper social connections, and results that last.

Clean Language is a maker-culture.

It is an art.

Art happens with skill, skill happens through experience, and experience happens through exposure.

Learning a certain level of competency in Clean Language can happen in virtual learning environment.  And those you find teaching Clean Language at a high skill levels have had high quality, in-person, face-to-face, live, hands-on training at some point in their learning career.

Clean Language is a hands-on, skills based way of working with others.

Humans are complex and there are subtleties in learning that are simply better captured when you are face-to-face, when you can see even small gestures that might be out of screen vision online, watch and respond to eye focal points, notice skin tone changes, vocal changes clearly, and when learning get real time feedback by a skilled trainer.

So bottom line …

Q: Can you learn Clean Language online?
A: Yes.

Q: Will it be more difficult to become very good?
A: Yes

Q: Will you need to be more self-motived to practice, show up on keyboard to chat groups & virtual practice rooms, learn more on your own, and sustain your own momentum?
A: Yes

Q: Will you get the real time feedback you need to improve in subtle and meaningful ways?
A: Maybe

Q: Will it be comprehensive with gesture, line of site, and subtlety of movement?
A: It is limited in this scope.

Q: Will it be good enough to add to your current practice or skill set?
A: It depends (on many variables)


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