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My clients are…

writers and other creatives, business owners, graphic artists, cause analysts, corporate leaders, corporate auditors, corporate managers, coaches, therapists, public speakers, and other professional Clean Facilitators

I help them…

build better teams, gain more authentic information in interviews, develop growth and business plans, create personal change, resolve relationship issues, prepare for job changes and design career development, work with difficult people, change habits, resolve intractable or ‘binding’ problems, deal with loss, disaster, and other unexpected or unwanted difficulties, and create a life design that gives them more of what they want.

Clean Questions help them…

access creativity, determine desired outcomes, create proprietary solutions, reach clients more quickly, create better results, shorten sales cycle, have higher customer satisfaction.


The art and craft of making meaning

My Coaching & Facilitation Philosophy


The Idea In Your Head

to do something better, be more fulfilled, explore new avenues for life or work – it’s telling you to gift yourself with the knowledge of a methodology that will be your game-changer.

We Work Together

to discover the metaphors that keep you stagnant or move you forward. You reap the benefit of forging your own path – with my guidance – building the roadmap to your future.

The Pieces Fall Into Place

as you continue to build the a business or life you love with the tools and the knowledge to succeed when you may not even be able to see the whole picture.

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Our philosophy.

Growth flows were attention goes.

Researching how we create the worlds around us has been a passion through my life. I have studied with great teachers and lived in extraordinary circumstances. I have a “less is more” policy that is inherently respectful of your uniqueness, your intellect, and your ability to solve your own difficulties.

I am also a realist and understand how one part of our life can deeply affect other aspects.

My goal as a facilitator is not to fix what’s “wrong”, but to help you better navigate what’s actually happening right now so you can operate with more ease maximizing your impact and well being.

Less truly is more.

How does it work?

We Create

You bring your desired outcomes.
I bring my full attention, exquisite listening, and open neutral curiosity.

You bring your stories.
I bring the best questions this side of the Atlantic.

You tell the truth (even if it feels scary or weird) and dare to be/say/do what is radically and authentically you.
I make sure you know from the inside out that who you are is so much more extraordinary than who you know yourself to be.

I don’t hold you accountable.
You already do that.

I question you and sit with you.

You will love our time together (sometimes).
You will hate our time together (sometimes).
Always, you will know that there is one person who hears you completely, believes in you fully, and knows how unique and powerful you are.

How We Work

We work together, one on one, from four months to up to one year; anything less is not enough to create lasting change. Your facilitation package will be highly personalized to your specific outcomes and desires. Our work is done face to face or, if long distance, via Zoom or phone.

Will it work for me?

My facilitation is NOT for everyone.

For those who say “YES!” and to whom I say “YES!” I say this:


When you are ready, contact me for your first Clean Language Intensive.

The Bottom Line

Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling are radical and extremely effective methodologies that can help all kinds of people to achieve what they really want in life and work.

The Clean Language Institute is one of the only providers in the United States that delivers core and advanced clean language training, including an internationally recognized certification as a Clean Facilitator Level 1, through our training courses.

We train therapists, coaches, business and sales professionals, mediators, teachers, counselors, and more.

We are developing a whole new way of delivering training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling. A way that will help you to learn it, to live it and, if you would like, to teach it.  A way that will give you a community of learners that will help you apply more of what you learn to what you do and love. A way that, when applied consistently, will be the game-changer youve been looking for.

You’re ready. I’m ready. Let’s do this!

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